To help a child be successful in social situations and learn the social skills fundamental to his or her development, it is necessary to prepare a child for social situations and prepare the social situation for a child. Here is a list of recommendations that will help children thrive in social situations:

1. Prepare your child before entering a social situation by giving precise instructions
2. Make sure the social situation is appropriate for your child.
3. Teach your child using games: role-playing, using dolls, toys, stories, songs etc.
4. Teach them to share, practice taking turns, following rules.
5. Make use of natural situations to teach them: set examples, observe others at a park or playground, comment on what you see in videos and TV shows.
6. Reinforce positive social behavior
7. Use photos and videos to introduce your child to different people
8. Help build your child’s self-esteem by assigning them leadership roles within the family.
9. Encourage your child to help and take part in daily household chores.
10. Use mistakes as opportunities to teach appropriate social behavior instead of punishing them.
11. Encourage and increase opportunities for successful social experiences and offer praise.
12. Avoid and minimize as much as possible social failure.
13. Include your child in every family interaction possible, as long as it is child appropriate.
14. Talk about emotions so you child learns the words to express what he is feeling.
15. Validate their feelings and have empathy.

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